My Favorite Healthy Food Instagrammers


If I’m looking for a bit of healthy food inspiration I always turn to Instagram.

It’s a great way to remind myself of healthy food can be not only tasty but also visually beautiful.

My meals never look Insta-worthy though, which is why I hardly post them! I tend to take inspiration from the posts and make simpler versions with whatever ingretients I have in my kitchen cupboard. I’m not very into strictly following reciepes but I’m sure if you try, you can recreate the most beautiful (and the most healthy) Insta meals!

Here are a few of my favourite IG foodies.


1. @organicandhappy

From back when I used to post cute stuff. #newyearnewme #lol

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Natasha is a whole food-loving, cat-obsessed 20-something with an Instagram full of food combinations you’ll want to try ASAP. Fill your Insta feed with bright and colorful foods (and pictures of her cat!).

Natasha believes food isn’t just for keeping your body healthy and strong — it’s good for your mental health, too.

“Good food is food that nurtures you, that calms you, and makes you smile.”


2. @leahsplate

When living a healthy life is what brings you the greatest happiness, starting a blog — and an Instagram to go with it — just makes sense. At least, it did for Leah. She loves documenting and sharing all the recipes she creates.

For Leah, breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day — it’s also the best.

“Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so a thick smoothie bowl topped with grain-free granola would have to be my go-to. I love that I can pack healthy fat, protein and greens into my blender.”


3. @kalememaybe

A health and wellness journalist and cookbook author, Carina started Kale Me Maybe as a way to share her original recipes and help others learn about healthy eating and nutrition.

Carina, like many of us, eats not just because it tastes good, but because it makes her feel good, too.

Good food to me is something that makes my taste buds explode — but not only that, it has to leave me feeling good after I eat it.”


4. @plantbased_pixie

Pixie’s background in nutrition and biochemistry allows her to put a unique spin on writing and creating recipes — along with absolutely stunning photos — for your viewing (and eating) pleasure.

What’s her favorite breakfast? Avocado toast, of course.

“Avocado on toast with poached eggs. I eat it most mornings!”


5. @cook.vegetarian

When it comes to vegan and vegetarian cooking, Luba has you covered. Her photos and recipes always make me hungry — they’ll leave you feeling the same way!

Luba’s favorite cooking staple is a little surprising, but it sure adds a little spice to her Instagram feed.

“My favorite ingredient is cayenne pepper. Not only does it have lots of health benefits like supporting weight loss and detoxing your body, it also adds a delicious zest to your dishes.”


6. @mindfullymoni

A student as passionate about healthy eating as you can get, Monica (you can call her Moni) uses her love of food to create healthy dishes that look (and most likely taste) absolutely delightful.

Moni’s elaborate smoothie bowls are pretty much a collection of artwork that looks too good to eat. But when it comes to oatmeal, these creations become masterpieces.

“My favourite meal without a doubt is porridge! I’m nuts for oats in any shape or form, whether it’s an oatmeal bowl, blended oats smoothie, porridge parfait.. the list is endless.”

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