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Travel Essentials

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Today I’m heading off on my next adventure to Norway! So I thought it seemed apt to share a few of my travel essentials. I almost spend as much time away as I do at home, so it goes without saying that I’m a bit of a seasoned packer. I’ve come to know exactly what I need and don’t really ever get that “have I forgotten something?!” feeling anymore.

Usually I’ll have my hand-luggage backpack ready to go at a moments notice, and it doesn’t take me much longer to fill up my hold suitcase with items that I’ll make sure to get at least one wear out of either.

I filled my favourite travel backpack with some of my favourite things to get me through a trip – let me tell you a bit about them!

You can be a regular traveller and a trip to Boots at the airport is still inevitable! I like to keep my travel skincare to a minimum (who wants to lug around full-sized tubs of things anyway?) so make sure to have a capsule collection of travel-sized items ready to go in a case that I can throw in my luggage without worrying about missing anything.

For the past few weeks I’ve been testing out Boot’s Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range – their foaming face wash, shine control day moisturiser and the exfoliating facial scrub. As you can probably guess, the products featuring both Tea Tree & Witch Hazel are brilliant for promoting blemish-free skin (I’ve had clear skin since using it!). As well as that, they are super affordable (only £1.69 each!) which means you aren’t going to break the bank when picking them up at the airport for your holiday.

The Day Moisturiser is a really light consistency, which is great for those prone to oily skin, but even with my dry skin I’ve found that it’s perfectly up to the job.

I’ve used the Face Wash each evening when taking my makeup off, and my skin has felt fresh and clean afterwards. I was concerned that with ingredients known to banish excess oil, it might be drying, but that hasn’t been the case. So it’s a thumbs up from me!

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I hate to admit this, but I’m not much of a reader. I usually spend most of my time travelling listening to Podcasts (more on that further down..!) and playing Candy Crush at the same time…and you can’t hold a book and play Candy Crush..! But, more often than not, the only time I find myself with my nose stuck in pages is whilst on a flight somewhere, or perhaps on a beach.

Despite the fact I actually finished up this book quite some time ago, I still wanted to reccomend it here. If you’re a Star Wars fan, The Princess Diarist is a must. Carrie Fisher is a fascinating woman and wonderful writer, and shares her thoughts on her time in Star Wars, her connection with Leia Organa and complicated relationship with Harrison Ford. The majority of the book is excerpts from the diary she kept during that time, and I was blown away by the words of my 21-year-old namesake.


When I’m traveling somewhere hot, I’ve learned (the hard way!) that less is more when it comes to makeup. After bad reactions sweating through layers of foundation or leaving the sea with panda eyes, I’ve tried to tone down my holiday look.

But I still want to be able to colour correct and conceal my face, getting rid of pesky dark circles, and that’s where a multi-use palette like this one from NYX comes in. After using it to brighten up under my eyes, cover spots and perhaps add just a little contour to my cheekbones, I add a layer of waterproof mascara, lip balm and I’m good to go!


Whilst I like to mix up my holiday looks, there is one item that will always be in my suitcase – a neutral-coloured linen shirt. Whilst this one from Next isn’t actually linen, the fabric composition means that it looks pretty cool crinkled up, which is a must for me because I don’t plan on ironing whilst away!

An oversized shirt can be thrown over a bikini as a beach cover-up, but also worn with a pair of trousers in the evening for dinner. Are you sensing a theme here with the multi-use items?


Podcasts are my JAM when I’m travelling! I’ve been known to sit and listen to 6 hours in a row whilst on a long haul flight. I’ll often ignore the inflight movie options altogether in favour of listening to Podcasts.

My absolute favourite is called Last Podcast on the Left, a true crime/occult/general spooky stuff comedy podcast. Whilst I understand it might not be to everybody’s taste (I totally get that you may not want to hear about serial killers whilst lying on the beach) I’m totally obsessed.

Another favourite of mine is Invisibilia, a fantastically produced NPR show about the invisible forces that control human behaviour. In the past I’ve taken my headphones off multiple times to tell whoever is sitting next to me the crazy story that I’d just heard whilst listening!

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